Route of the Silver Kings, Leadville Colorado

A Guide and and mapped route with 14 stops and 20 additional significant historic locations in the Leadville Mining District. See the location of the first discovery of gold that started it all in 1860, the location of Tabor’s 1860 mining claims, the Matchless Mine, the Wolftone Mine – site of an underground banquet in 1911, the sites of 6 towns, smelters, mines, tunnels, a historic power plant, and other significant locations in the Leadville (California) Mining District east of Leadville, Colorado.

14 Stops are marked by a metal roadside post with a small numbered yellow sign. Locations provide additional historic information about sites near each stop. Locations are not marked in the field.  The Guide describes each stop and location in detail.

The Route is 21 miles or 34 kilometers long and rises from 10,152 feet (City Hall Bench Mark) in Leadville to 11,700 feet at Stop 14; the Venir Mine site. It follows county roads that are mostly gravel/dirt surface with some pavement. They can be rough and steep in places. Please note: Local road condition advisories along the Route are denoted by a red X on the maps. Plan on a minimum of 3 hours to drive the entire route.

Note – CR -1A south of the Venir Mine, CR-6A and the Mosquito Pass road are very rough and are only passable with high ground clearance 4 wheel drive vehicles.


Guide: Download a .pdf of the Guide, view it on your device or print it.

Illustrated Map: Download the Illustrated Map of the Route.

Virtual Tour: Travel the Route virtually with Google Maps or Google Earth.  Cell and WiFi coverage are limited along the Route. Neither app can be relied on for field guidance or directions along route.

Cartographic Map: Download the pdf to your device.  Print it or view it on your device. 

 GIS Map and Handheld GPS: Use Avenza or Global Mapper Mobile GIS apps see your real-time position along the route.  Follow it on your handheld GPS by downloading the .kmz and uploading it to your GPS.

Printed Copy

The Guide and Illustrated map: A paper copy of the Narrative Guide and illustrated map are included in the 20-21 Leadville Lake County Heritage Guide. Pick it up at the Herald Democrat office, 717 Harrison Ave or the Visitor Center, 809 Harrison Ave and other locations around Leadville. A printed 8X11 cartographic map is available at the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum.